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Title: Bad Should Never Feel This Good, Part 2
Author: Kelios
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Wincest, orgasm denial, language, dub-con, implied non-con
Pairing: John/Sam, implied Sam/Dean and Sam/Dean/John
Summary: John gives Sam a birthday present, but he wants it back in good condition.

Sam's sprawled on the bed in front of the tv daydreaming about his brother when John comes in and grabs his duffle.  He tosses in holy water, salt and a box of salt shells and is sorting through the piles of laundry in the corner when he feels Sam behind him.

"Dad?"  John winces at the hurt and confusion in Sam's voice, but he keeps working.  "Dad, what are you doing?  You can't leave tonight, you promised you'd be here for my birthday tomorrow."

John just keeps digging through the laundry.  He knew this was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier.  "Sam....I know I promised, but this is important.  I have to meet up with someone in Montana in three days, and if I don't leave now, I'll miss him."  He looks up and sees the expected anger and disappointment in Sam's face before his son turns away.  "But I got a present for you." 

"I don't want a present, Dad, I want you to actually be here!" 

John smiles a little to himself, because he's pretty damn sure Sam's gonna change his mind.  He stuffs the mostly clean clothes in his duffle, then pulls a small glass bottle out of a side pocket and goes over to where Sam's sulking against the wall, head down and arms crossed.  He holds up the bottle, turns it so the light sparkles darkly off the liquid inside.

"You sure about that, son?" he asks casually.  Sam's head snaps up in anger and he starts to knock John's hand away, then stops.  His eyes widen as they dart from the bottle to John's face then back to the bottle. 

"Dad, are you serious?"  Sam sounds breathless, like he can't quite believe what John's offering.  His pulse is jumping wildly at the base of his throat, and John wishes he could see the thoughts running through his son's mind right now. 

"Tell me what you're going to do first."  John's voice is still casual, but there's a dark undertone of tension and want that makes Sam's eyes flick up to his in surprise.     

Sam's tongue slides across his lower lip and he doesn't--can't--miss the flare in John's eyes as he tracks the movement.  " usually put it in his drink, right?  So that's what I'll probably do, at dinner.  Then I''ll..." Sam's voice trails off as warmth slowly floods his face.      "And then I' know...."

John steps closer, right into Sam's space.  He puts a hand against the wall on either side of his son, leans in so that his breath stirs the hair over Sam's ear.  He can feel Sam's cock pressed against his thigh, already hot and hard, and knows Sam can feel him as well.  He fights the urge to rock against his son's hip by reminding himself that this is not the time for pleasure--not yet.  There are lessons that need to be taught here.

"Dad, what...?"  Sam tries to twist away, but John stops him easily, grabbing Sam's wrists in one huge hand and forcing them up over Sam's head.  Sam's eyes are huge, pupils blown wide, and his chest is heaving like he can't get enough air.  But he doesn't try to pull away again.  "Dad?

"Are you going to fuck him, Sam?" John whispers.  His lips brush the sensitive skin under Sam's jaw, then close on his ear for an instant, quick flash of teeth that leaves Sam trembling and gasping.  "Open him up slow, make him writhe and beg before you slide into that tight, hot hole?"  He slides one hand down Sam's body, slips it past the waistband of his loose jeans and boxers to cup his balls, squeezing gently.  "Tell me what you're going to do first, Sam." 

Sam's back arches, head thudding against the wall and fingers straining helplessly above his head as John slowly strokes him.     "Dad..."
"Or maybe you want to tie him down first."  John keeps up that slow relentless pressure on Sam's cock, almost but not quite enough to send Sam over the edge.  "Use the clamps, make his nipples so tight and red....He looks so pretty when he cries, doesn't he?"  Sam's cock jerks hard and John growls, strokes him harder and faster.

"Fuck," Sam gasps helplessly.  He bucks hard against John's grip, nearly sobbing with need.  "Dad--Dad please...."

John takes a deep shaky breath, presses his aching cock against Sam's thigh and lets his teeth graze Sam's skin as he continues.  "Maybe you want to mark him, make sure everyone knows he's taken, that he's yours... your property."   John bites down gently and feels Sam's entire body tense and bow against him.  "That what you want to do?"

"Yes....yes...."  Sam's gasping and fucking into John's fist and John knows he's gonna come any second.

"Wrong."  John bites down hard on Sam's neck and viciously pinches the base of Sam's cock.  He crushes Sam's mouth brutally, his own pleasure surging through him as he swallows his son's shocked scream.  When the aftershocks fade, he presses his mouth to Sam's ear once more.  His voice is a harsh growl against Sam's skin. 

"Never forget who your brother belongs to." 

John releases Sam abruptly.  He falls to his knees, one hand soothing his aching cock as he tries not to retch.  John cleans up quickly and heads for the door, pausing to ruffle Sam's hair on his way out.  He picks up the glass bottle and tucks it into the pocket on Sam's t-shirt as he smiles down at his son.

"If I were you, I'd have that drink waiting for him when he gets home from work."
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