Aug. 25th, 2014

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I only had a couple of photo ops—I bought one with Tahmoh after his VIP panel because he was so interesting, and I bought a J2Mark to share with a friend. Other than that I only had J2 this time around.

My first op was with Jensen, who gave me a big smile and for some reason it fried my brain and I freaked out about hugging him which I thought I’d gotten over *facepalm* Then after the picture he stopped me to read my shirt out loud and gave me another HUGE smile and said Thank you :)

Next I had my duo op. (We got to watch Jensen being silly for a bit before Jared arrived—dancing and goofing off a bit before becoming totally engrossed in his phone for like five minutes) Jared gave me a big smile and held me back from the photo for a moment to read my t-shirt (that got me an awesome, love it and a wink) before we did the photo. I swear I was trying to stand between them equally but Jared is like a magnet or something, I always end up leaning against him and this time he pulled me in so hard I look like I’m about to fall over lol In Dallas I swear I’m going to stand next to Jensen. I SWEAR.

Next was my photo with Jared. He gave me a hug and we took our photo but he stopped me when I went to leave and said “Okay I have to ask—what does OTP mean??”

So I told him it means One True Pair, and in this context it means that I really love Sam and Dean and their relationship. He practically blinded me with his smile and said YEAH ME TOO. This also gave me the chance to tell him how much I love the way he and Jensen play Sam and Dean, and that I honestly didn't think anyone else could have done as well. He said that means a lot to them, that they really appreciate hearing things like that. He also waved off the Creation volunteers who wanted to make me move, which was amusing. (I know they were just doing their job, but still--it was nice that he wanted to let me finish.)

I did have another J2 photo op later that was very involved, but for the purpose of this report, I’ll just say that at the end of the photo op Jensen pulled me aside and asked me “Okay, what does OTP mean??” I gave him the same answer I gave Jared, and I added that I love that Sam and Dean are soulmates and their relationship makes me very happy. Jensen gave me a big, big smile and said That’s really great, we do too, and hugged me again, which was….very nice. Very, very nice.

Lots more wonderful, wonderful things happened this weekend, but those are some of the good ones.


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