Jan. 1st, 2015

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I'm responding to these tweets:

Claire @irkedkiwi
Hi, @kelios. I know this is weird, using my main/alt account and all, but I just wanted to apologize for whatever caused you to block me on

Claire @irkedkiwi
@kelios my fan account, @_weboverload. I really didn't mean to cause you offense. Sorry for what hurt your feelings. Peace and happy newyear

Which were sent to me because I blocked one of the participants in this conversation from a few days ago. The reason I blocked them should be clear, I think, from my explanation.

fireintheimpala @_weboverload
@kelios @brotherslover @J2nicorn it's referring to a specific incident, in which a bunch of openly vulnerable people were targeted last

fireintheimpala @_weboverload
@kelios @brotherslover @J2nicorn night on tumblr with repeated hateful messages telling them to kill themselves, etc.

fireintheimpala @_weboverload
@kelios @brotherslover @J2nicorn but if you want to make jokes about your fandom politics, feel free to reveal yourself that way, i guess?

K-beast @kelios
@_weboverload @J2nicorn @brotherslover hopefully they decided to turn off their anon function. I had to after receiving violent and vicious

k-beast @kelios
@_weboverload @J2nicorn @brotherslover messages. No one needs to see that.

fireintheimpala @_weboverload
@kelios @J2nicorn @brotherslover i possibly misread what you were agreeing to. either way, hate=bad, agreed.

K-beast @kelios
@_weboverload @J2nicorn @brotherslover hate towards other fans or the actors always equals bad, on that we can agree.

@irkedkiwi Good morning. I was going to DM you about this, but realized after some thought that I need for this to be public in order to avoid accusations of hate or abuse.

It's not uncommon for destiel shippers to come into my timeline to complain about things I've said that they find objectionable. Sometimes they are reasonably polite, more often they are not. When someone IS at least marginally polite, I've gotten in the habit of checking their timeline a little later to see if they might be someone I could talk to civilly in the future.

I look for things like other people they interact with (there are a few names I recognize from past encounters) and their reaction to our conversation. Obviously, if someone is friends with people who call me something like 'the hateblob known as k-beast', or state, for example, that our conversation is a complete failure because they feel like they just 'enabled my hate' (that's not a completely accurate quote, but I don't do screenshots, and I don't feel like looking it up again), then I'm not going to want to interact with that person again, and I'm going to block them to make sure it doesn't happen.

As for why I blocked your fandom account--I block anyone that I feel might deliberately or 'accidentally' misinterpret things that I say, take screenshots of my timeline in order to falsely accuse me or my friends of hate, twist what I've said in convos I have with locked accounts to suit their agenda or any generally behave unpleasantly toward me or my friends. I'm aware that blocking doesn't stop someone for searching my timeline while logged out or from an alternate account, but I see no reason to make twitter stalking any easier for the people who do things like threaten to spamblock fans until their accounts are suspended simply for talking to me, or scream at anyone from the show about what a horrible person I am if I so much as say hello.

It's a way for me to fight back against people who attack me and my friends with targeted hate in whatever small way I can without sinking to their level, which I refuse to do. I also occasionally block preemptively if someone sends me a link to untargeted hate or nastiness, which does happen sometimes. It makes me feel safer. It's nice to know I can open my twitter account and not have to worry that someone got bored and decided to take offense to something I said--at least for the accounts I have blocked.

Anyway, I hope this clears up the issue for you. I will leave this account unblocked until I'm reasonably sure you've had a chance to read and save it.


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