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Whew. What a weekend. It was wonderful seeing friends again and meeting people that I’d only talked to online—one of my favorite things about the con. I didn’t arrive until Friday afternoon, and I think the less said about Friday night the better lol (altho Kyline and I *did* do Wincest shots, which amused the hell out of me).

Saturday was really just hanging out with friends and having fun. I loved singing with the Women of Letters—those girls know how to have a great time! I wish I’d spent a little more time with them, but there were SO MANY PEOPLE to see.

Sunday, of course, was the big day. I was super nervous about my photo ops because BALL PIT! but in the end it all worked out :) My photo op with Jensen was great, he gave me a big smile and a hug. My hair was in my face for the first pic so I had to hug him again, which I will never complain about! He was in a great mood, happy and cheerful, and I got a beautiful smile coming and going (and in my photo, too), as well as a ‘thanks again’ and a wink.

My solo with Jared was great too. I love the way he always smiles and just opens his arms—I can’t even think about anything but one of his amazing hugs (I can’t decide if I miss his bonecrushing hugs, or if my back and ribs are grateful ;) As I left he put a hand on my shoulder briefly and said ‘Thank you, always’, which you know. These guys. They give us so much and appreciate us so much. I just love the reciprocal relationship we all have, this mutal appreciation and respect. It’s amazing, and it feels really good to be a part of.

And FINALLY…my J2 op. The whole ball pit idea was literally last minute—I was still buying plastic balls on Friday after work before I left for the con. This whole thing started because my friend Kati (@adorkablekati) had jokingly pouted that Creation didn’t have a ball pit scheduled for Dallascon. I responded by wondering if J2 would have liked an extra hour in the ball pit and man did things go downhill from there! But in the best possible way :D

So I was kind of stressing over the ball pit idea because I had meet and greets with Jared and Jensen, and the timing was going to be kind of tight. The really, really horrible elevator set up at the Dallascon hotel made it worse. But Kati, Jaime and Vinnie helped me work it out and kept me from freaking out while we waited for the end of the J2 photo op line ♥

So we made it into the room (barely, the attendant was kind of O.o) and up to the front of the line, and Jensen gives me this okay WTAF look and says “You know, I don’t usually do inflatables, but for you guys…” Then Vinnie brings over some (blue I’m sorry we had to) balls for each of them to hold and they both kind of lit up as they started tossing them back and forth to (lol at) each other. Jensen grabbed one of Jared’s and started juggling them, and Jared grabbed a few more and tried to juggle as well which did NOT go well for him at all. Balls were going everywhere, and then they started pelting Chris and Clif with them (Jared does have good aim!). The volunteers finally got everyone settled down (by everyone I mean Jared and Jensen, Kati and I were just sort of watching in awe)  and the guys asked what we wanted them to do.

I explained that if they didn’t mind, I’d love to have a picture of them in the ballpit having fun. Kati and I stood to either side of them holding the extra hour in the ball pit sign, then we got out of the way so Chris could snap an extra pic for WinchesterBros to auction off. I thanked them for being such good sports, and Jared hugged me and said “You’re welcome”, which was too funny tho I’m sure he probably wasn’t actually thinking of the mockumentary.

And then that part was over. We staggered out of the room, I went off to take a few deep breaths before Jensen’s meet and greet. They were such good sports, and I love that they were able to have a little fun with us.

Date: 2014-09-23 06:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank-you so much for sharing these tidbits. You made my day. Your ball pit pictures were fabulous. Jared and Jensen are amazing. I know I have talked more with Jared than Jensen so it's nice to read that he is equally friendly and appreciative with the fans.

Date: 2014-09-24 02:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I LOVE hearing about photo op's!!! Your idea was amazing and the photo's are awesome!

Thanks so much for sharing.


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