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I saw someone post a list like this on tumblr and I thought it would be fun to look back myself.

ETA: this was supposed to be a Top Ten, but I have to include these pics of themselves dressed as Mr and Mrs Clause and enjoying their Aspen ski vacation, There are also some really amazing memories that were intensely personal that I can't share, but that I will definitely always treasure :)

1. The highlight for me definitely has to be the J2/Cast/Crew project that I worked on. Some friends and I spent a couple of weeks raising money and bought a nice gift for the cast/crew, and got customized bottles of JWB (Jensen and Jared remembered that it was Rufus' favorite, which made me very happy) that we were able to give to Jared and Jensen at Vancon. They were were very appreciative and thankful and I'm so glad we were able to tell them how much they mean to us, to fandom and to the show. I loved seeing pictures of the crew with the shotglasses on twitter, and I'm glad we were able to tell them how much we appreciate them all.

2. Jared and Jensen asking me what OTP means, and having them both compliment me on my Brodependency is my OTP tshirt at Vancon.

3. Jared and Jensen leading fans to chant SAMANDDEAN at JIBCon in Rome
(All the J2 parts of JIBCon, actually, together and separately.)

4. Jensen buying a house in Austin less than a mile from Jared.

5. Jensen tweeting this picture (Jared and Jensen):

6. Jensen tweeting this picture (Sam and Dean):

7. This picture of Jared hugging Jensen from the 2nd 200th ep celebration:

8. The love and respect Jared and Jensen got from the CW at the UpFronts:

9. This photo op of Jared and Jensen enjoying their extra hour in the ballpit from Dallascon:

10: Their enthusiasm when I asked them to sign my "I'm proud of us" autograph.
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