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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warnings: Blowjobs, face fucking, semi-public sex, slight d/s overtones
Summary: Why did Jensen have to change pants at Jaxcon?

Jensen yanked the stupid beanie off Jared’s head, desperate to get his hands into his hair, muttering in between kisses. “God--Jay--such a--fucking--tease” Jared let him, kissing back just as hard, eyes sparkling as Jensen pushed him against the wall of the green room.

“Not a tease if I follow through,” Jared said slyly.

“Yeah?” It was a challenge if Jared had ever heard one, and Jensen had been known to put him through his paces a time or two. Jared let the light in his eyes turn dark, his hands on Jensen’s hips grow heavy.

“Yeah.” Jared took control of their kiss, holding Jensen still, eating at his mouth until he felt all the edgy tension of being onstage run out of him. “Get on your knees, Jensen.”

Jensen inhaled sharply at the note of command in his voice, but he didn’t hesitate to follow Jared’s order. He dropped to his knees, face tilted up, plush, kiss-swollen mouth slightly open in anticipation. Jared ran his finger over Jensen’s lower lip, groaning when Jensen’s tongue flicked out to taste.

“So good for me, Jen,” he crooned, pushing into Jensen’s mouth. Jensen sucked willingly, salt and sweat and Jared filling his senses. They hadn’t done this in awhile--first Jared had been injured, and then...well, neither of them were in the mood after Europe. But things were better now, better than they’d been in a long time, and suddenly Jared <i>wanted</i>. He pulled his finger away, slightly entranced by the string of spit that trailed from Jensen’s mouth.

“Open my jeans and take me out.” The words were quiet but firm. He was always clear when they did this, unless Jensen <i>wanted</i> to be punished--but this wasn’t one of those times. Jared ran his hand through Jensen’s hair as Jensen flipped the button on his jeans and worked Jared’s thick, hard cock out through the slit of his boxers. “That’s it, baby,” he breathed, fingers tightening in Jensen’s hair. He pulled Jensen’s head back, forcing him to look up. Jensen was already breathing hard, his eyes a shining rim of sea green around blown pupils, a delicate flush coloring his cheeks. Jared pushed his hips forward slowly, deliberately leaving a shiny trail across Jensen’s chin. Jensen’s eyes dropped half closed on a silent moan, his own hips pushing against nothing.

“Please,” Jensen whispered, just a breath of air against the tip of Jared’s dick. “Jay, <i>please.</i>”

Instead of answering, Jared wrapped his hand around the thick base and ran the leaking head slowly over Jensen’s lips, leaving them shiny and slick. Jensen moaned, needy and desperate, and Jared couldn’t help giving in. He’d love to draw it out, make Jensen really beg, but they didn’t have time. Someone would be coming for them soon and Jared wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.

“Go ahead,” Jared said quietly, and Jensen sighed in relief, wrapping his lips around the head of Jared’s cock into his mouth and sucking it like a lollipop. “Your fucking mouth, Jen,” Jared growled through gritted teeth. “Goddamn.”

Jensen looked up at him coyly through his lashes and sucked harder, lips stretched obscenely around the thick weight of Jared’s dick as he worked the sensitive spot under the head with his tongue.

“Jesus,” Jared hissed, hips bucking involuntarily. His cock hit the back of Jensen’s throat and Jensen moaned eagerly around him even as tears welled up and made his eyes even more beautiful. Jared pushed forward again, sinking deeper into the warmth of Jensen’s mouth, testing. Jensen gagged slightly but didn’t pull back, one hand coming up to grip Jared’s hip, urging him on. That was all the encouragement Jared needed.

“Look so pretty like this,” Jared muttered, tightening his grip on Jensen’s short hair and working his hips sharply. “Look so good taking my cock--” Jensen hummed around him, vibration running straight up Jared’s spine. “Fuck, Jen--” He could already feel his orgasm building, heat pooling in the pit of his stomach, every nerve crackling as he pushed in deeper and deeper. Tears leaked from Jensen’s eyes as he stared up at Jared, pleading. Jared could see the outline of his Jensen’s cock in his ridiculously tight jeans, could see every twitch and jerk as Jared fucked his mouth hard and fast.

“Do it,” Jared gasped, so close. “Come for me, Jen, wanna feel you--” Jensen’s eyes snapped shut, body bowing tight, throat clenching and fluttering beautifully around Jared as Jared dragged him forward, forcing him to take every inch. Jensen moaned, swallowing furiously as Jared filled his mouth, come and spit leaking from the corners. “Fuck--fuck--fuck--Jen--God--”

Jared pulled back unsteadily, gripping himself tight and groaning deep in his throat as the last drops of his orgasm painted Jensen’s face. He slumped against the wall, half dazed, as Jensen leaned against his leg, gasping for breath.

“Jesus Christ, Jay,” he said dazedly, voice a gravelled ruin. Jared pulled him up, licking the taste of himself from Jensen’s cheeks before kissing him slow and deep.

“Told you I’d follow through,” Jared said smugly. He slid one hand down to cup Jensen’s softening cock, playing in the wetness there. Jensen sucked in a deep breath, batting Jared’s hand away.

“Oh, fuck you,” he said good naturedly. “You’re just lucky I came prepared this time or you’d owe Clif another $20.”

“Worth it,” Jared said softly, kissing him again. Jensen smiled up at him, shaking his head.

“Totally worth it.”

Date: 2016-01-31 03:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] souslelys.livejournal.com
ASDFHJKL. So hot, so hot. Jared is so wonderful to follow through like that ;)

Thank you for sharing!! <3

Date: 2016-02-02 02:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] emmatheslayer.livejournal.com
really liked this


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