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Just got confirmation that my chocolate Swiss Army Knives and chocolate bullets (complete with ammo can:) are on their way!  They are going into the centerpiece I'm making for the Creation con in LA.  It's going to be a Winchester style Easter basket complete with chocolate crucifixes, holy water water guns, chocolate bullets and shotgun shells (which I'm making myself, 'cause no one else has them) and a few other things I haven't decided on yet.  It's sort of silly, but I'm having loads of fun putting it all together.  Oh, and the holy water is real holy water, blessed by a priest and everything! 

And pretty soon, I'm going to have pics of some of my Supernatural jewelry up too. 
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Creation is hosting a con in Vancouver!!  I've been wanting to visit practically since I started watching!  Unfortunately, it's the same weekend as Dragoncon, which my husband wants to attend, but maybe our daughter can go visit my mom.  'Cause I gotta go!!  Someone already mentioned the possibility of PHOTO OPS WITH THE IMPALA!!  That would be better than Jared or Jensen at this point--at least I don't have to talk to the car lol.  I've already emailed Creation politely demanding err requesting that this be arranged.  And if they manage to do a group photo with ALL THREE??  Well...they'd better have fire extinguishers and paramedics available, is all I'm saying.

Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but when they do....oh yeah.  I'm so there.  I have a year to work out babysitting for the weekend, right? 


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