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So....if you have a twitter account, log in and send a message with #mishasminions in it somewhere.  It doesn't matter what else it says, as long as that phrase is included.  We are trying to get his name in the trending topics list, which depends on the number of accounts that send messages with that phrase.  So stop by and help out if you have an account :)
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Minion recruitment video.  Also, don't forget that Misha's birthday is August 20th.  For those of us who twitter, we are going to try and get #mishasminions as a trending topic that day.  Feel free to stop in and help out :)
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I love Misha Collins.  He is such a loon.  Today he has decided that we (his faithful minions) need to address the unique concerns involved with world domination, starting with sycronizing our cicardian rhythms.  We are now all required to get up at 6 am Vancouver time, and only allowed to sleep for 1.3 hours each night (since we are stronger than other people). 

Also, he has given us permission to leave work and school so that we may devote all our time and efforts to world domination. 
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I GOT MY SUPERNATURAL SET TOUR PASS!!  And it comes with an Impala photo op.  Vancouver is going to be so amazing I simply cannot wait.  I'm going to have to go into hibernation or suspended animation or something so I don't lose my mind waiting for it to get here lol.  Also, twitter is cool.  No word from Misha for a little while :( but hopefully he'll be back soon. 

We miss you, Misha!

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