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I decided that spelling everything out in detail isn't going to work, because I'm pretty sure I could write a book about LA lol.  So here are the highlights....

Sandra:  Sandra was one of the first people I met in LA last year, and one of the nicest, sweetest people ever.  She and I got to share a room this year, which was WONDERFUL.  Of course, it meant no sleep :)  but that's okay, sleep is overrated....She was also kind enough to share her J2 photo with me, since I wasn't able to get one for myself.  It came out beautiful!  Even Chris (the photographer) said it was one of his favorites, because we all look so natural (I totally agree, Jensen's arm absolutely looks like it belongs around my waist LOL). 

Jared:  Jared was....was.....They don't make words good enough for how awesome Jared was.  When we all got together for our group shot, he commented on my tshirt before AND after, and then again when it was just the two of us (mmmm I like the way that sounds lol).  He seemed a lot more amused by it than Jensen lol.  And when I told him about the one I made for him but that I couldn't wear it because I'm afraid of Samgirls, he just threw his head back and laughed.  I don't know if he did it on purpose or not, but when security tried to move me along, he sort of stepped in front of them, which gave me just a second to ask him if his sister-in-law liked the dress I made for his niece.  I don't think he quite got that I was the one who made it :( but he said that she loved it, which made me very happy :)  Then Chris pushed me (literally) towards the door, which was probably just as well, because I don't think I was physically capable of walking away from Jared at that point.
Even my autograph with Jared was wonderful.  He was more than happy to sign my charms (everyone was YAY!) and when I gathered up my courage and gave him the Kim Manners pin I'd made for him, he put it right on!  And apparently he continued wearing it, because Misha mentioned in his panel that the guys were still wearing pins in memory of Kim!  I was pretty much beside myself over that one. 

Jensen: Jensen was in such a good mood :)  He genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself (though as my husband pointed out, he IS an actor.  Sometimes I just have to ignore him and stay in my happy place lol).  I'm sure everyone has heard about the private wrap party, and dancing on stage, and the pickle story.  I will never forget Jensen laughing so hard he was crying.  I'm pretty sure HE must have known what the guy was asking, even if Jared didn't LOL. 
And I love my photo with Jensen!  He has such a nice smile.  And afterwards, I took a moment to ask him about the blanket and mobile I made for his nephews and he was like You made those?  and thanked me over and over.  He said his nephew loves the blanket and their mom does too :)  I just about floated out of the room!  I don't think he was as amused as Jared by the tshirt--he didn't say anything about it.  Probably tired of seeing his ass on other people's clothing lol. 
Jensen didn't even blink over signing my charms, and he put a little mark under both of them, which was so cute.  I'd originally wanted to give him the pin I made in memory of Kim Manners, but it completely went out of my head!  Not surprising, it's JENSEN, which means I was pretty much incapable of rational thought lol.  I still can't believe I managed to talk to him at my photo op. 

Misha:  I mentioned the whole staring thing in my earlier entry, so I won't go into that again except to say that demondean helped put it in perspective.  Thanks!  He was very nice, and signed my charm all sideways lol.  I wasn't able to get my cast photo signed, but it's okay, the other person needed the autograph more than I did.  I'll just have to remember to bring it with me to Vancouver (YAY Vancouver!!). 
Misha was very funny during his panel--he talked about reading slash (!!) and studying fandom, which I thought was cool.  No comments like the one from New Jersey, but that's okay, that was awesome even without a followup.  Though now that he's admitted to reading at least one slash story (I hope it was a good one :)  I have to wonder if the story he read was about Castiel, Sam and Dean retiring to a country house LOL!

HMMMM.....this format was supposed to be shorter, yet here I am writing another book.  So, once more:

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At least in my opinion.  Of course, I have relatively little experience with conventions, but honestly, LA was just fantastic.   Even before the actual convention started, we had so much fun!  I actually slept most of Thursday (I know, BORing, but man I needed it.  30 hours of work in two days to get ready for the con, plus staying up all night Wed catching up with Sandra on top of just coming back from Eyecon....yeah, I was beat :) 

Word of warning: Obviously, the guests are much cooler and funnier than I am.  Any lameness you encounter after this point is entirely my fault, because they were all AWESOME!  Also, there is rampant and terrible abuse of exclamation points, capital letters and LOL in this post.  Just so you know.

My friends Sandra and Carollee and I went down to the Santa Monica Pier on Friday, which was great, and I finally got to see the Pacific Ocean :)  It was freezing cold--I couldn't believe there were people actually submersing themselves in the water.  I put my feet in for about two seconds and that was plenty for me lol.  I'll take the Gulf of Mexico any day!  And watching Thursday's episode with other fans was a treat--I love my husband dearly, but he just doesn't GET it sometimes. 

And then the convention started.  I had never heard Richard speak before, so I enjoyed every minute.  He was funny, and smart, and his Band of Brothers stories were very touching.  And he seemed kind of taken aback by the whole fandom thing--like, why do these people want to see ME?  Which I thought was sort of endearing, since the Trickster is one of my favorite villains and I was thrilled to get my picture with him, even though I had to rush out and buy a pair of flats because I forgot and only brought heels with me lol.  And I got to ask him a question, which he apparently liked since he mentioned it in our photo op.  That made me grin like an idiot (as opposed to smiling), so I look completely terrible in our picture, but I'm hoping he makes it to Vancouver or Chicago so I can try again :)  Oh, and his jacket was so soft!  I kind of wanted to pet it, but I restrained myself.  Good practice for Jared and Jensen lol. 

Malik was fun too, though his panel was a little odd because he hardly ever actually answered a question.  He made a real effort to turn every question into a sort of motivational speech, including what really sounded like a plug for sexual abstinence!  I was sort of floored by that one.  It was cool that he obviously wanted to help and inspire people in any way that he could, but sometimes I was just sort of scratching my head and wondering how he got THERE.  On the other hand, whenever he did manage to stay on topic, it was great.  OMG the toilet story--He was like, a toilet?  Really?  Are you sure?  He had heard that Jared and Jensen liked to play pranks, so when he heard that he was having his head dunked in a toilet, he stood by and watched every drop of water that went in.  He specifically wanted to make sure he wouldn't open his eyes to see corn lol!  And he somehow missed that he was going to die in Jus in Bello.  His script ended with "White Light" and he didn't quite get the significance of that lol.  Then when they called him back for the angry ghosts episode, he was like, But isn't Henricksen dead?  Like that's an issue on Supernatural lol!

The cocktail party was sort of.....boring.  And long.  The pie was really good, but they didn't provide anything to drink except from the bar and a can of soda was FOUR DOLLARS!  However, meeting Richard and Misha made up for it.  Richard did a knock-knock joke about my pecan pie (insert eyeroll here lol) and told me to "pecan" someone my own size, which is privately amusing because he IS my size.  Pretty much exactly.  Which was why I had to buy new shoes (that's what I'm telling my husband anyway lol).  And then came Misha, which was sort of disconcerting, because he kept staring at me.  No, seriously.  At first I thought it was because I was staring at HIM, but then he was like, I know you, haven't we met before?  And I, being a complete idiot, just sort of stammered something negative, and he went on, I'm sure I know you, did we meet in New Jersey?  I just shook my head and muttered something about how people are always thinking that they know me (which is true).  I was horribly embarrassed and felt like a complete idiot, esp since HE WOULDN"T STOP LOOKING AT ME.  I always thought it would be kind of cool to have one of the stars actually SEE me, but now I know otherwise.  I am perfectly happy being just another face in the crowd and I don't want any of them to remember me (real or imagined) EVER AGAIN.

Hmm, I actually already knew that from when Gabe caught me crocheting during his q&a and pointed it out to EVERYONE.  I definitely want to be ignored from now on, sigh.



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