Aug. 11th, 2009 11:43 pm
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Creation just cancelled their set tours.  I'm so disappointed I can't even tell you.  I was looking forward to the Impala pics more than anything!  I'm trying to remind myself of all the other cool stuff we have planned, and how great it's going to be to see the guys again, but it's hard right now....
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I GOT MY SUPERNATURAL SET TOUR PASS!!  And it comes with an Impala photo op.  Vancouver is going to be so amazing I simply cannot wait.  I'm going to have to go into hibernation or suspended animation or something so I don't lose my mind waiting for it to get here lol.  Also, twitter is cool.  No word from Misha for a little while :( but hopefully he'll be back soon. 

We miss you, Misha!

The Minion Horde

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Crisis solved!  I double checked the dates for Dragoncon and there won't be a conflict with Vancouver :)  I'm so excited, I can't wait to go!!  Two cons in March, cruise in June, Vancouver in August, and Eyecon in September (maybe), and Chicago in November!  2009 is going to be awesome!
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Creation is hosting a con in Vancouver!!  I've been wanting to visit practically since I started watching!  Unfortunately, it's the same weekend as Dragoncon, which my husband wants to attend, but maybe our daughter can go visit my mom.  'Cause I gotta go!!  Someone already mentioned the possibility of PHOTO OPS WITH THE IMPALA!!  That would be better than Jared or Jensen at this point--at least I don't have to talk to the car lol.  I've already emailed Creation politely demanding err requesting that this be arranged.  And if they manage to do a group photo with ALL THREE??  Well...they'd better have fire extinguishers and paramedics available, is all I'm saying.

Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but when they do....oh yeah.  I'm so there.  I have a year to work out babysitting for the weekend, right? 


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