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Nov. 23rd, 2015 03:50 am
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Title: We Time
Author: Kelios
Relationship: Jared/Jensen, implied Genevieve/pizza, implied Danneel/Gino
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: not even remotely true, in fact this is pretty close to crackfic.

Summary: Jared and Jensen decide to take their family somewhere warm for the holidays.

It’s a long flight. Jared and Jensen have been traveling for over 12 hours by the time they land in Georgetown, and they still have at least a couple of hours to go before they can relax. Genevieve and Danneel keep the kids in check with the help of Maggie, their nanny, while the luggage is unloaded, keeping the wound up toddlers from running too wild after hours of being cooped up in a tiny plane. They make it through customs, arrange for the bulk of their luggage to be delivered, and finally, finally pack themselves and their carryons into the Range Rovers the rental agency had supplied. By unspoken agreement Jared and Jensen settle into one vehicle with Genevieve and Danneel, while Maggie and the kids take the second car.

“Not much longer now,” Jensen says tiredly. He slips his hand over Jared’s and squeezes gently, ignoring the pointed stare Genevieve shoots his way. Jensen stares back, too tired to play games. “You know, Gen, you should call ahead, let the staff know we’re almost there. That way she can have a snack ready for the kids. They’ve got to be starving.” Gen’s stare goes from pointed to outright daggers but Jensen just smiles sweetly and turns back to Jared.

Jared smiles at him, exhaustion showing clearly, and Jensen presses a gentle kiss to his temple. He can see Danneel in the front passenger’s seat typing fast and furious on her phone, wearing that little smile she only ever has for Gino—a relationship Jensen has never understood and generally tried really hard not to think about.

There’s a stiff, uncomfortable silence after that, but once they leave the airport grounds their driver cheerfully begins pointing out local sights and attractions. Danneel and Gen both perk up at the mention of exclusive boutiques Jensen has never even heard of and he tries not to think about what the next few days will do to his credit balance. He focuses instead on Jared’s excitement when the driver—his name is Benjamin, he tells them at one point—mentions scuba diving and jet skis. To be honest he’s kind of excited about that himself, and not just because he’s looking forward to Jared rubbing sun screen over every inch of his body in a vain attempt to prevent more freckles from showing up. That’s just an extra perk.

Jensen’s almost dozed off by the time they reach the rental house. It’s huge, with 6 bedrooms and 8 baths as well as a detached guest house for the cook and drivers, and set well back from the modest road to ensure privacy. It’s a short stroll out the back door down to a private beach and Jensen can’t help smiling at how perfect it is. The kids jump out of their Rover, followed by the nanny, and the rest of the adults follow suit, stretching after the long trip.

“If only we could bottle that energy,” Jared says wryly, watching the kids play on the well manicured lawn. Jensen just laughs at him, feeling his exhaustion slip away at the prospect of hitting the beach for an hour or two before dinner.

“C’mon, old man,” Jensen teases. “Let’s get these kids changed and have some fun.” Before Jared can retort, he’s gone, chasing the kids toward the front door as they squeal and shriek and laugh. Jared shakes his head fondly and joins them, grabbing up JJ and Shep and hoisting them over his shoulders as Jensen grabs Thomas. They’re both a little winded by the time they get to the front door, and JJ clamors to be let down so she can ring the doorbell. The two men share a smile as the little girl waits impatiently for the door to open, then shrinks back when a stranger appears moments later.

“Good afternoon,” the woman says in softly accented English. “You must be the Ackles family.” She steps back to let them in with a smile. Jensen offers his hand immediately.

“I’m Jensen and this is Jared,” he says, shaking her hand firmly and letting Jared do the same. “Thanks so much for agreeing to work with us.”

“Sophie,” she says with a nod. “It’s my pleasure.” She smiles down at the three children peeking out at her. “And who are these little ones?”

Jared nudges the kids forward. “JJ, Shep and Thomas,” he says, gently touching each child as he names them. “Otherwise known as the unholy terrors.” Sophie laughs down at them.

“Somehow I doubt that!” she exclaims. “But please, come in, all of you. Since I knew you were nearly here I made a light snack for everyone.” Gen, Danneel and Maggie arrive at the door and introduce themselves as everyone files inside, the kids chattering eagerly about snack time. Jensen winces as he hears Genevieve demand to know if there is pizza available, and if not how quickly it can be delivered. Her voice has that whine that it tends to get when pizza is involved, and he wonders, not for the first time, how someone who loves pizza as much as she does can stay so slender. He shakes his head, determined not to worry about anyone but himself, Jared and their kids for the week--Gen will just have to get her pizza on her own for the next seven days.

Inside, the house is every bit as nice as the outside. It’s open and airy, with large rooms and furniture designed for comfort and relaxation rather than just show, something Jensen already appreciates. The kitchen has an open plan with a long counter for casual meals, and he and Jared help the kids clamber up onto the padded stools as Sophie brings out plates of fresh cut fruit and yogurt for the children to enjoy.

“I’m going to go look around, check out the bedrooms,” Danneel announces after the kids are settled. She smiles coyly at Jensen, more out of habit than anything else, but he just raises an eyebrow.

“I’m going too,” Genevieve announces. Her expression says she doubts very much anything will be up to her standards, but Jensen ignores her, and nudges Jared with his elbow when it looks like he won’t. It’s not too hard for Jensen to resist Gen’s needling, but Jared, with his genuine desire to like and be liked by everyone around him, is a much easier target. Jared snaps his mouth shut at the reminder and smiles at Gen politely as she scowls at them both and then flounces off.

“I’ll check out the nursery,” Maggie says, pretending to ignore the swirling tensions—she’s pretty good at that, something both Jared and Jensen appreciate. “You still want all three kids in one room?”

Jared nods. “Yeah, let’s stick to the plan for now,” he says. “We can always switch it around later if we need to.” He aims his 1000 watt smile at her in thanks, and Jensen can practically see her melting. He reminds himself that she’s old enough to be Jared’s mother, and that they’re very lucky to have her thank you very much. She really is wonderful with the children, all of whom adore her. He calls her back for a moment.

“Can you find the kids’ swimsuits?” he asks when she pauses. “I want to check out the beach before dinner.” The word beach catches everyone’s attention and the kids start talking excitedly. Maggie just nods over the ruckus and disappears further into the house to find the nursery.


All in all them manage to settle in with minimal trouble. Benjamin and the other driver, Emmanual, bring in the overnight bags they’d stowed in the backs of the Range Rovers and Jared and Jensen get the kids into their swimsuits with no more fuss than usual. Gen changes her room three times before finally settling on the one closest to where Jared and Jensen are sleeping, and Danneel settles down on the porch with a bottle of scotch and her phone, saying she doesn’t care which room is hers as long as it has a bed. She’s wearing her Gino smile again, and Jensen doesn’t interrupt beyond a perfunctory invitation to join them on the beach that she declines.

Once the kids are ready to go, Jensen and Jared duck into their room to get changed. It’s huge, with an oversized four poster bed, two walk in closets, a furnished sitting area (with some very sturdy looking chairs, Jensen is pleased to note) and an attached bathroom larger than some hotel rooms they’ve stayed in. Jensen leans against a bedpost, watching, as Jared rummages through their bag and pulls out two pairs of trunks before pulling his shirt up and over his head.

“Mmmm,” Jensen murmurs, smiling. “Nice view this place has.”

Jared grins at him from under his bangs. “Yeah?”

Jensen crosses the short distance in two strides, unable to keep his hands off Jared’s skin now that it’s right there for the touching. “Definitely. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.” He slides his hands up Jared’s narrow waist, not stopping til he can cup Jared’s face and pull him in for a quick kiss that ends up being anything but. Jared tastes like the strawberries he stole off the fruit plate in the kitchen, and Jensen can’t help but lick and suck every inch until it’s all gone. Jared groans faintly against him, hands burrowing under Jensen’s tshirt, rucking it up to thumb at his nipples. Jensen pulls back at that, let’s Jared yank his shirt off before capturing his mouth again.

“Feel so good, Jen” Jared whispers, leaving those plush lips to bite at Jensen’s jaw as his hands roam restlessly over Jensen’s back. “Can’t wait to get back here tonight and touch every single inch.”

Jensen sighs, rocking his hips forward into Jared just to hear him gasp. “We better get going or you won’t have to wait long at all,” he mock growls, moving back reluctantly. Jared kisses him again, fast and dirty, before stepping back with a grin.

“If I weren’t afraid Maggie would quit if we left her alone with the kids that long, I’d take you up on that,” Jared says, grabbing his shorts. Jensen watches appreciatively as Jared kicks off his jeans, revealing long, sculpted legs that seemed to go on for miles. His teeth sink into his lower lip as he thinks about later tonight, and how he’s going to lick every single inch of that gorgeous body until Jared is begging him to—

“I love the way you look at me,” Jared says, hitting Jensen in the chest with his swim trunks and interrupting the very pleasant fantasy he’s got going on. “But if you don’t stop I’m going to have to throw you down on that bed and keep you there til sometime tomorrow morning at the very least.”

“Promises, promises,” Jensen smirks, but he picks up his trunks and changes quickly, resisting the temptation show off. He smiles up at Jared when he’s done, stepping close for one last quick kiss before grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the door. “Family time first,” he says, and just saying it sends a thrill through him that he doesn’t think will ever get old. Jared smiles, and it feels like the sun coming out, warming him all the way down to his bones.

They step through the door together.
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