Aug. 29th, 2014

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I'm getting ready to send a set of shot glasses and a bottle of Johnny Walker Black to the writers in LA. I couldn't do it beforehand because I had to wait until I actually had the shot glasses, which were manufactured and delivered in Canada.

This is the letter (along with the list of donors) that is going with the bottle and shot glasses:

To the Supernatural Writers,

Of all the crafts that create this show, yours is the most crucial, the most elemental – you charge the collection of particles that collide and expel the energy, the story, of our world. We gather around that vim and verve daily. We grasp at it. We dance with it. We transform it. And we know that without you, there would be no us. Our “we” belongs, in part, to you.

And yes we often bless you with our highest honors in one breath and damn you with our most appalling curses in the next, but those emotions and passions are our proof of life. They are the expanding worlds you fuel when you place your words together and let them slam gloriously into a universe.

Chuck Shurley stated it best, “Writing is hard.” So please see this gift as we intend it. It is our gesture of appreciation, a gesture we know is incomplete but given with complete affection and regard.

Yours with respect. Yours with fondness. And yes, yours with love.

We look forward to another decade of your stories.


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