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They get the call a few days before Thanksgiving, on the last day of filming before the break. They're relaxing in Jared's trailer (he has the latest version of Call of Duty) and Jensen isn't thinking about anything but taking Jared out before the PA calls them back to set when he grabs the phone and carelessly mutters "hello?" Jared takes advantage of his momentary distraction to take out a few NPCs, but his attention is abruptly diverted when Jensen drops his controller and sits up.

"What? When?" Jensen's voice is clipped and terse but Jared can hear an undercurrent of excitement that spikes his curiousity. Jared puts down his own controller and listens, handing Jensen pen and paper when he gestures. He's surprised and a little worried to see his hand shake as he writes down an address.

Jared is bursting with excitement and curiosity when Jensen finally puts down the phone and scrubs a hand over his mouth. He looks over at Jared dazedly and a huge smile slowly makes it's way across his face. "That was the NSPA," he says, watching Jared's reaction closely. "They want to meet with us, today."

Jared stares, shocked, for all of two seconds before he launches himself at Jensen, sweeping him up in a bearhug as he peppers kisses all over his face. The NSPA--National Shifter Placement Association--is a non-profit organization that specializes in bringing together shifter families. The waiting list is very long, but maybe--possibly--their chance has come. Jared doesn't even realize he's crying til Jensen gently wipes away the tears on his cheeks. Jensen's eyes are suspiciously bright, too, but Jared pretends not to notice, just kisses him one more time and puts him down.

"I'm gonna call Steven," he says, pulling out his phone and calling up the number for their attorney. "You better go break the bad news to Phil."

Jensen groans. "One more day and we would have been home free," he says with a sigh, but he can't hide his happiness, not from Jared. This ep has been plagued with delays already and tempers are short, but this is the chance of a lifetime and neither of them doubt the crew will be happy for them. "Wish me luck," he calls over his shoulder as he flings open the door.

Jared is just finishing up with their attorney when Jensen steps back into the trailer. He paces as Jared says goodbye, then grabs his hand and practically drags him to the door. Their driver, John, has one of their big black SUVs already running right outside, waiting for them.

"Alright, spill," Jared demands a little breathlessly after Jensen pushes him in and climbs in himself.
"I feel like a kidnap victim," he adds, laughing. He tangles his fingers with Jensen's and gives him the 'puppy eyes' that always work so well on Dean. Jensen gives his hand a squeeze and pulls in a deep breath.

"The doc didn't say much. The mother is packless, outcast when she became pregnant against her parents' wishes. So there's no family to step in and contest the adoption. There were three pups originally, but one wasn't strong enough to make it without pack support." Jensen pauses, mouth turned down, and Jared knows he's thinking about his own family, about how much it hurts to be cast out. He doesn't talk about it much, but Jared is always awed the incredible strength of will that kept Jensen going for nearly 10 years on his own.

Their quiet conversation is interrupted when John stops in front of their apartment building. They both climb out, and Jensen speaks briefly to John through the open window, shaking his head and offering his hand. A quick wave, and John headed back to the way they came, presumably to set.

"How long are we staying?" Jared asked as they waited impatiently for the elevator. He was already laying out supplies and clothing for a week at least, mind racing ahead to everything they would need, everyone they would need to call. Jensen slid an arm around his waist, pulling him close to plant a soft kiss on his temple.

"I think you should leave the packing to me," he said, and Jared could feel his smile. "If your momma hears about this second hand, or finds out she missed even one day more than she had to with her future grandkids, I won't be able to protect you."


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