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Okay, this all started a couple of months ago.  I thought it was bad then, but this....this is so much worse. 

Back in January, Charlotte's granddaughter went to a party with a friend.  The host of the party was a 16 year old boy who's parents were out of town.  He decided to lace all the food and drink with drugs, including LSD, cocaine and oxycontin.  14 kids, including him, died.  Charlotte's granddaughter was lucky; she just ended up in a coma for a week and then in the hospital for another month.  She's suffering from mild brain damage, mainly related to memory and impulse control, but the doctors are hoping it will improve with time.

So that's pretty bad, right?  But listen to this.

At the behest of the parents of the kid who did this, the POLICE HAVE PROSECUTED THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED.  They claim that the kids voluntarily ate and drank and so voluntarily took drugs.  For the crime of going to a party and eating and drinking, these kids now have a criminal record and are on probation for the next 2 YEARS.  And in addition to medical and therapy bills, not to mention emotional and physical trauma, the parents now have to pay for court costs and probation fees.  Not to mention, I used to work in a probation office, I know how difficult it can be to stay in line, especially if your officer is a dick (and you might be surprised how many of them ARE).

Sounds pretty awful, right?  I mean, seriously, what's wrong with these people, the parents and the police?  It's absurd and cruel and just plain wrong.  But you only think you've heard the worst.

Charlotte is a co-worker.  Not really a friend, just someone I talk to at work.  And now....I don't even want to LOOK at her because every time I do I can feel my blood pressure rise.  When she was updating me on all this she shared with me that..... 

SHE'S GLAD THIS HAPPENED.  To her GRANDDAUGHTER.  'Cause, see, her granddaughter was getting a little wild...going to parties, talking back, not doing her Charlotte prayed.  And God answered her prayers and taught her granddaughter a lesson.  It is GOD'S WILL that her granddaughter has brain damage and lost 14 of her friends and has to go through therapy and probation for the next couple of years, 'cause that's what happens to kids who disobey.  She's actually HAPPY--HAPPY, PEOPLE-- that all these terrible things to a member of her family. 

I wanted to be sick.  I cut her off, told her I had to leave and just got out of there before I did something awful. 

I look at my daughter and I want to lock the door and never let her leave our house again.  I'm an optimist, okay?  I generally like people and try to see the best in them, but hurts, you guys.  It makes my head hurt, it makes my heart hurt for all of them but especially that poor little girl who's going to spend the rest of her life paying and paying just for being a kid. 


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