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They get the call a few days before Thanksgiving, on the last day of filming before the break. They're relaxing in Jared's trailer (he has the latest version of Call of Duty) and Jensen isn't thinking about anything but taking Jared out before the PA calls them back to set when he grabs the phone and carelessly mutters "hello?" Jared takes advantage of his momentary distraction to take out a few NPCs, but his attention is abruptly diverted when Jensen drops his controller and sits up.

"What? When?" Jensen's voice is clipped and terse but Jared can hear an undercurrent of excitement that spikes his curiousity. Jared puts down his own controller and listens, handing Jensen pen and paper when he gestures. He's surprised and a little worried to see his hand shake as he writes down an address.

Jared is bursting with excitement and curiosity when Jensen finally puts down the phone and scrubs a hand over his mouth. He looks over at Jared dazedly and a huge smile slowly makes it's way across his face. "That was the NSPA," he says, watching Jared's reaction closely. "They want to meet with us, today."

Jared stares, shocked, for all of two seconds before he launches himself at Jensen, sweeping him up in a bearhug as he peppers kisses all over his face. The NSPA--National Shifter Placement Association--is a non-profit organization that specializes in bringing together shifter families. The waiting list is very long, but maybe--possibly--their chance has come. Jared doesn't even realize he's crying til Jensen gently wipes away the tears on his cheeks. Jensen's eyes are suspiciously bright, too, but Jared pretends not to notice, just kisses him one more time and puts him down.

"I'm gonna call Steven," he says, pulling out his phone and calling up the number for their attorney. "You better go break the bad news to Phil."

Jensen groans. "One more day and we would have been home free," he says with a sigh, but he can't hide his happiness, not from Jared. This ep has been plagued with delays already and tempers are short, but this is the chance of a lifetime and neither of them doubt the crew will be happy for them. "Wish me luck," he calls over his shoulder as he flings open the door.

Jared is just finishing up with their attorney when Jensen steps back into the trailer. He paces as Jared says goodbye, then grabs his hand and practically drags him to the door. Their driver, John, has one of their big black SUVs already running right outside, waiting for them.

"Alright, spill," Jared demands a little breathlessly after Jensen pushes him in and climbs in himself.
"I feel like a kidnap victim," he adds, laughing. He tangles his fingers with Jensen's and gives him the 'puppy eyes' that always work so well on Dean. Jensen gives his hand a squeeze and pulls in a deep breath.

"The doc didn't say much. The mother is packless, outcast when she became pregnant against her parents' wishes. So there's no family to step in and contest the adoption. There were three pups originally, but one wasn't strong enough to make it without pack support." Jensen pauses, mouth turned down, and Jared knows he's thinking about his own family, about how much it hurts to be cast out. He doesn't talk about it much, but Jared is always awed the incredible strength of will that kept Jensen going for nearly 10 years on his own.

Their quiet conversation is interrupted when John stops in front of their apartment building. They both climb out, and Jensen speaks briefly to John through the open window, shaking his head and offering his hand. A quick wave, and John headed back to the way they came, presumably to set.

"How long are we staying?" Jared asked as they waited impatiently for the elevator. He was already laying out supplies and clothing for a week at least, mind racing ahead to everything they would need, everyone they would need to call. Jensen slid an arm around his waist, pulling him close to plant a soft kiss on his temple.

"I think you should leave the packing to me," he said, and Jared could feel his smile. "If your momma hears about this second hand, or finds out she missed even one day more than she had to with her future grandkids, I won't be able to protect you."
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Sorry I don't know how to link properly.  In order, these are pictures of: Jared's autograph, Gabe/Jensen's autographs, my entire autograph necklace, Samantha, Misha, Jim, Richard, Malik, my Jared and Jensen earrings :) and my other Jensen autograph. 
Sorry the quality on some isn't great--I'm still learning how to use my new digital camera.  But it takes much, much better pictures than my old one, which was nearly 6 years old!  The new camera has optical zoom and can focus on close ups, which is what I really wanted :)

I had such a great time making these pendants, and it was fun to see everyone's reaction to signing something so tiny. 

I'm thinking about getting a new set of charms in Vancouver, at least from the guys--I want to add decorations to the charms (I bought some blue crystals that are kiln-safe.  Unfortunately, there aren't any kiln-safe greens, which was my first choice).  If I do, I will probably donate the originals to Support Supernatural.  Since I didn't get to New Jersey, and Misha and Jared had to cancel Eyecon, I ended up without extras to donate this time around :( 

The charms were actually pretty simple to make.  I rolled out and cut the clay, then let the shape dry enough  that I could sand and smooth it (I learned to do that in Orlando, after I accidently broke both Gabe and Jim's originals).  Then, when it got closer to autograph time, I glued each shape to paper to make them easier to handle and dampened the charms just enough that each guest could sign it.  That took a little practice to get right--I ended up carrying a water bottle with me to each session after Malik's was too dry to sign properly.  Then I sanded them one last time, drilled a hole for the jumpring and put them on my warmer to completely dry.   Then into the kiln for two hours.  I had a bit of a crisis when I realized I'd forgotten my wire brush, but Carollee and the hotel staff came to the rescue by providing me with a metal scrub brush to remove the scale after firing.  After firing, the charms are 99% pure silver, but you have to remove the ash from the binder to see the metal.

Getting through airport security with a kiln in my suitcase was fun lol.  I got searched every time.  Thank goodness they didn't confiscate or break it or any of my tools. 

And a huge thank you to Sandra, for waiting until after the con was over to panic over having a kiln running in the hotel room :)  And for letting me take up half the room with clay and tools and not complaining even once about the mess.  Love you, sweetie :)
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I decided that spelling everything out in detail isn't going to work, because I'm pretty sure I could write a book about LA lol.  So here are the highlights....

Sandra:  Sandra was one of the first people I met in LA last year, and one of the nicest, sweetest people ever.  She and I got to share a room this year, which was WONDERFUL.  Of course, it meant no sleep :)  but that's okay, sleep is overrated....She was also kind enough to share her J2 photo with me, since I wasn't able to get one for myself.  It came out beautiful!  Even Chris (the photographer) said it was one of his favorites, because we all look so natural (I totally agree, Jensen's arm absolutely looks like it belongs around my waist LOL). 

Jared:  Jared was....was.....They don't make words good enough for how awesome Jared was.  When we all got together for our group shot, he commented on my tshirt before AND after, and then again when it was just the two of us (mmmm I like the way that sounds lol).  He seemed a lot more amused by it than Jensen lol.  And when I told him about the one I made for him but that I couldn't wear it because I'm afraid of Samgirls, he just threw his head back and laughed.  I don't know if he did it on purpose or not, but when security tried to move me along, he sort of stepped in front of them, which gave me just a second to ask him if his sister-in-law liked the dress I made for his niece.  I don't think he quite got that I was the one who made it :( but he said that she loved it, which made me very happy :)  Then Chris pushed me (literally) towards the door, which was probably just as well, because I don't think I was physically capable of walking away from Jared at that point.
Even my autograph with Jared was wonderful.  He was more than happy to sign my charms (everyone was YAY!) and when I gathered up my courage and gave him the Kim Manners pin I'd made for him, he put it right on!  And apparently he continued wearing it, because Misha mentioned in his panel that the guys were still wearing pins in memory of Kim!  I was pretty much beside myself over that one. 

Jensen: Jensen was in such a good mood :)  He genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself (though as my husband pointed out, he IS an actor.  Sometimes I just have to ignore him and stay in my happy place lol).  I'm sure everyone has heard about the private wrap party, and dancing on stage, and the pickle story.  I will never forget Jensen laughing so hard he was crying.  I'm pretty sure HE must have known what the guy was asking, even if Jared didn't LOL. 
And I love my photo with Jensen!  He has such a nice smile.  And afterwards, I took a moment to ask him about the blanket and mobile I made for his nephews and he was like You made those?  and thanked me over and over.  He said his nephew loves the blanket and their mom does too :)  I just about floated out of the room!  I don't think he was as amused as Jared by the tshirt--he didn't say anything about it.  Probably tired of seeing his ass on other people's clothing lol. 
Jensen didn't even blink over signing my charms, and he put a little mark under both of them, which was so cute.  I'd originally wanted to give him the pin I made in memory of Kim Manners, but it completely went out of my head!  Not surprising, it's JENSEN, which means I was pretty much incapable of rational thought lol.  I still can't believe I managed to talk to him at my photo op. 

Misha:  I mentioned the whole staring thing in my earlier entry, so I won't go into that again except to say that demondean helped put it in perspective.  Thanks!  He was very nice, and signed my charm all sideways lol.  I wasn't able to get my cast photo signed, but it's okay, the other person needed the autograph more than I did.  I'll just have to remember to bring it with me to Vancouver (YAY Vancouver!!). 
Misha was very funny during his panel--he talked about reading slash (!!) and studying fandom, which I thought was cool.  No comments like the one from New Jersey, but that's okay, that was awesome even without a followup.  Though now that he's admitted to reading at least one slash story (I hope it was a good one :)  I have to wonder if the story he read was about Castiel, Sam and Dean retiring to a country house LOL!

HMMMM.....this format was supposed to be shorter, yet here I am writing another book.  So, once more:

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I feel like I jinxed us by getting so excited too soon sigh.....Maybe I should apologize to everyone else who won the breakfast auction.  Seriously, I am completely bummed about this.  It's not even just the breakfast.  Now I am worried that I will never be able to get him to sign a charm for me.  Creation is always so rushed with autographs and pictures, they may not let him.  I was already worried about not being able to get Jensen's signature, now I may not be able to get Jared's either. 

To make matters worse, I had offered to get extra autographs for Support Supernatural to give as prizes and gifts, and now I can't do that either.  I feel completely shallow, but this whole thing just makes me really unhappy.  I swear, if they cancel LA, I'm just gonna cry.  Seriously. 
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Creation is hosting a con in Vancouver!!  I've been wanting to visit practically since I started watching!  Unfortunately, it's the same weekend as Dragoncon, which my husband wants to attend, but maybe our daughter can go visit my mom.  'Cause I gotta go!!  Someone already mentioned the possibility of PHOTO OPS WITH THE IMPALA!!  That would be better than Jared or Jensen at this point--at least I don't have to talk to the car lol.  I've already emailed Creation politely demanding err requesting that this be arranged.  And if they manage to do a group photo with ALL THREE??  Well...they'd better have fire extinguishers and paramedics available, is all I'm saying.

Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, but when they do....oh yeah.  I'm so there.  I have a year to work out babysitting for the weekend, right? 
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is But Then My Homework was Never Like This by thenyxie.  It's AU--Jensen's 8 years older than Sam, not 4, and a physicist....Sam's a rich kid who gets everything he wants.  It's utterly hot, but even more, it's romantic and sweet and so full of love....really just beautiful.  One of my favorite parts is Jensen getting Jared a bracelet with Entanglement (a physics term that means when two objects are joined to the point they can no longer be separated) on one side, and Irreversibilty (a change that can never be undone) on the other.  I love this so much, I'm tempted to make one....

thenyxie just made my weekend by posting more :)   Combined with the news from Chicago and maybe going to TWO cons in March for my birthday, I'm pretty much just floating in a sea of bliss right now lol.

Anyway, anyone and everyone who enjoys Jensen/Jared should DEFINITELY read this 'verse :)


Nov. 20th, 2008 01:44 pm
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Sandra emailed me last night and said the guys loved their gifts!!  Here's exactly what she said in her email:

Jensen had five bodyguards (a bit of an overkill) and so, we were allowed two in at a time. Jensen was first and I presented him with your gifts, told him who they were from and then said “Your Starbucks girl”. Well Vickie, he looked at me and blinked and smiled and then winked. So, I’m sure it’s him whose using the card. His face was just so happy. As far as the mobile and blanket, he was genuinely touched and ever so pleased. He asked me to thank you very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness, as he was rubbing the blanket. It went so excellent.

Then came Jared. He was just beyond, beyond. I undid your adorable dress and held it out for him. He fingered it up and down and in particular the pearl buttons. I explained it was from you and came right from the heart. He said that you have a real talent and that it was beautiful and that he was going to take full credit for the design and making it. It was such a Jared moment. We both had such a good laugh over that. He took it and held it and asked me to thank you so, so much for thinking of him and his family and that it was beautiful.

I'm so happy!  I had a huge smile on my face all day--I'm sure the customers must have thought I was crazy lol.  But I couldn't help it. Every time I thought about how much they liked their gifts and about them thanking was wonderful.  I sort of wish I could have been there too, but I'm sure I would have messed things up (I'm really shy, so I either talk too much or forget how to talk at all sigh).  And Sandra said she is sure Jensen is using his card!  I feel like it's Christmas already lol.

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Okay, that was way more stressful than it should have been, but victory is mine!  Click below to see pictures of the gifts I made for Jensen and Jared's families.  I will be adding a picture of the mobile I made for Lincoln Evan later.  It won't be the exact one, 'cause I was dumb (mostly excited and anxious lol) and forgot to take a picture before sending it off to Sandra, but I'll post the picture from the pattern.  I haven't heard back from Sandra yet (is she trying to KILL ME??) but I'm going to call her tomorrow night and get the details :)
My apologies that the pics are so big, I'm still trying to figure this out (obviously:)....
Juliette's dress )
turtle blankie )
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Sandra gave Jared and Jensen my gifts today!  At least I hope she did.  I forgot to ask her to call me afterwards, so I won't be able to get in touch with her until she gets home tomorrow night.  But I'm sure she did!  I'm so excited!  I've been in a daze all day today.  I wish I could have been there.  At least sort of.  I'm really shy, so I probably would have chickened out lol.  As of tomorrow, I will have pictures of the gifts posted here, although I forgot to take a picture of the mobile for Lincoln Evan doh.  Maybe I'll post the picture from the pattern.  The colors aren't the same 'cause I used my glow in the dark yarn for the moon and stars :)  but other than that, it doesn't look too different.  I hope they liked the gifts.  I cannot wait until tomorrow.


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