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I finally finished my J2 pendant and put it in the kiln.  Whew.  I'm still not sure how it's going to turn out because I'm sort of an idiot.  I wanted to strengthen the heart join by painting slip on the back, which I actually think is a pretty good idea.  Unfortunately, I forgot that my slip is PMC3 and the pendant is made of PMCS.  DOH!!  So here's hoping. 

So far it's been in the kiln about 45 minutes and isn't showing any signs of warping or cracking.  I've turned it over a time or two to check both sides and it looks good.  What's bothering me now is that it isn't turning red, so I'm not sure if it's getting hot enough.  Last time I used the kiln (this is only my second time), the piece heated right up and turned a pretty peach color.  The people I bought it from assured me the kiln would get hot enough for PMCS, but even with the special plate for the top, I'm not sure it's working. 

If it breaks, I'll be so disappointed!  So, as a precaution, I'm working on another one.  I don't have enough actual clay for a second one, since I had to slip ALL of my PMC3, so I'm using the paper cutout I used to shape the PMCS piece as a base and painting layer after layer after layer after layer after layer of PMC3 on it.  The paper will burn off as it fires and I should have a nice little pendant.  If they both turn out, I'm going to give one to Sandra for her birthday :)


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